Connection Setup Instructions:

  1. Go to “Connections”
  2. Click “Add New”
  3. Select “WordPress” from the list of platforms
  4. Download the “WordPress FormHQ Adapter” plugin
  5. Install and Activate the Plugin
  6. In your WordPress admin, go to “Settings > FormHQ WordPress Adapter”
  7. Copy the “Platform ID” and “API Secret” values into the corresponding fields in the FormHQ WordPress connection setup window.

  8. Click “Connect to WordPress”
  9. If the connection succeeds you should see the connection appear inside of your connection list inside FormHQ.

Plans that grow
with your business

Pay per:
Starter $27/mo
Pro $47/mo
Free $0/mo
Connections 5 15 1
Sync Frequency Daily Every 4 Hours Manual Only
Groups help 25 40 10
Sort Rules help 10 20 Not Included
Project Users 5 10 2
Event Values help
Group Level Group & Form Level Not Included
Field Values help
Included Included Not Included
Payload Filter help
Included Included Not Included
Support Email Priority Email Not Included